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Harvard MultiChrome

Multi-Shade Restorative


Optimal shade-adaption für almost all tooth shades after light poymerisation.

  • For user who only want to use one single composite
  • Shade-adaptive composite for almost all tooth shades
  • Invisible transition between enamel, dentin and composite, creating margins that simply disappear
  • Hyper-Nano technology, spherical filler
  • Without any color pigments
  • Light-optical chameleon effect
  • Superior handling properties
  • Low shrinkage
  • Permanent high gloss after polishing
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Excellent physical properties
  • Radiopacity 200%
  • Opalescence
  • Simple storage logistics
    Harvard Block ’n Mask Composite for blocking and masking
  • Corrects shade matching in difficult situations (e.g. when the dark oral cavity shines through)
Harvard MultiChrome7100001
3 g syringe
Harvard MultiChrome in OptiTips®7100002
20 x 0.25 g OptiTips®
Harvard Block ’n Mask7100005
3 g syringe
Harvard Applier OptiTips®7095200
Harvard MultiChrome Kit7100009
3 syringes à 3 g Harvard MultiChrome,1 syringe 3 g Harvard Block ’n Mask