Harvard TEMP Cem Report

Harvard TEMP Cem save precious working time have happy patients.

Dentist Oxana Hilfer, Hamburg Oxana Hilfer, Dentist Hamburg (Germany)

Harvard TEMP Cem is a state of the art provisional cement. The automix Harvardmix syringe saves time and is very easy to apply. Depending on the situation the cement can reliably adhere to the restauration for a few days or up to a few months. Excess of material can be removed very easily without leaving a smear layer.

A provisional crown luted with Harvard TEMP Cem can be removed very easily without leaving a residual on the prepared tooth. Harvard TEMP Cem therefore also guarantees success in the following bonding step.

I save precious working time and have happy patients.

Image 1
Luting of the crowns
Image 2
Luting of crowns with Harvard TEMP Cem
Removing the excess material
Image 3
Easy removal of excess material
Bild 4