MTA OptiCaps Report

Harvard MTA OptiCaps®. This product should not be missing in any practice.

Zahnärztin Oxana Hilfer, Hamburg Oxana Hilfer, Dentist Hamburg (Germany)

Mineral-Trioxide-Aggregate (MTA) should be used in all practices. It is the ideal product for direct pulp capping.

In comparison with calcium hydroxide, it avoids necrosis and stimulates formation of tertiary dentine on the cement. The pulpstays healthy and the patient free of discomfort.

Because of it´s excellent biocompatibility, no inflammation in the bone is created with overfilling MTA at a perforation in the apical region or at the apex. A slight expansion of MTA leads to a safe sealing of the indication.

A simple and precise application with optimal consistency is achieved with Harvard MTA OptiCaps®. Precious time is saved and I am very satisfied with the clinical results.

Damaged root canal
Initial situation
Damaged root canal wall and demineralized bone
Sealed with MTA OptiCaps
After treatment
Root canal perforation sealed with Harvard MTA (Universal) OptiCaps®
After one year
After one year
Perfect seal of the application areas. Remineralized bone and better retention of the tooth