Zischow Harvard Bite Report

Harvard Bite has convinced me with its positive properties.

Dr. Pawel Paszkiewicz Kay Zischow, Zischow Dental Hamburg GmbH

  1. The material displays a high level of recovery from deformation.
  2. It sets very fast, becomes very hard, yet remains flexible.
  3. It is well suitable with CMD patients.
  4. The material is very easy to cut.

The advantages of Harvard Bite especially in CMD patients are

very good flow properties combined with a very high hardness after setting. This allows an ideal fixation of the registration.

I would recommend Harvard Bite to all dentists and colleagues at any time.

optimal stability of Harvard Bite
Image 1
Application of Harvard Bite on the teeth: Optimal stability
Short setting time in mouth
Image 2
Precise and distortion-free registration
reproduction of the bite situation
Image 3
Intraoral bite registration: Outstanding reproduction of the bite situation
ready bite registration
Image 4
Bite registration
Good grindability
Image 5
Excellent cuttability and grindability