About Us

About us

Harvard® is one of the first registered dental trademarks worldwide. In 1892 the founder of the famous brand, Robert Richter (D.D.S.), presented it at the national registration authority in Germany.

Born in Berlin in 1856, Robert Richter moved to the United States of America in 1878 to study dentistry at the Maryland University School of Dentistry. He settled in Philadelphia and ran a dental practice of his own, moving back to Berlin, Germany in 1884 where he began to develop a product which is suitable for luting and filling. Following numerous trials the zinc phosphate cement was invented by him and therefore, the first reliable luting cement was born.

At this time nearly everything coming from the United States of America had a good reputation. Dr. Richter, with a very fine sense of marketing, named his product in 1892 „Harvard Cement” and founded in Berlin the „Harvard Dental Compagnie”. The three letters „HDC” are still used in the Harvard Logo.

Since 1892 approximately 375 million crowns worldwide have been luted with Harvard Cement. The Harvard product portfolio has widened during the last decade and incorporate a huge range of different high quality dental materials – all produced in our factories in Germany.

Harvard´s research and development offers today a full range of high quality dental products for restorative, endodontics and prosthetics.