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CAP – Pulp Protection


Bioactive, light cure, resin-modified MTA cement for direct and indirect pulp capping

  • For direct and indirect pulp capping in the treatment of deciduous and adult teeth
  • Calcium release and a high pH value (pH 11) promote the formation of hydroxyapatite as well as tertiary dentin
  • Creates an environment hostile to bacteria
  • Moisture tolerant
  • Virtually no solubility
  • Good Radiopacity
  • Fast, after light cure, treatment can be continued immediately
  • Thixotropic properties

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Harvard BioCal®-CAP
1 g syringe, 12 needle tips7081550
4 x 1 g syringe, 50 needle tips7081551*
Harvard NeedleTips H227095162
refill bag with 50 needle tips
*No stock item, please contact the Harvard sales team.
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