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Glass ionomer liner, light cure,resin-modified
with fluoride release

  • Lining for cavities for the following filling procedures with light cure composites
  • Seals the tooth
  • Avoids gaps, reduces the risk of post-operative sensitivity
  • Excellent as base material
  • Favorable volumetric behavior
  • Easy to use – time saving for the dentist
  • Suitable as liner or base
  • Fluoride release
  • Perfectly flowing
  • Radiopaque
  • Good price / performance ratio

Application of Harvard IonoLine
After light-curing:
Excellent visibility in the cavity.
In vitro application Harvard Dental International GmbH

Ordering Information
Harvard IonoLine 
2 ml syringe, 3 needle tips7071260
Harvard NeedleTips H20 
refill bag with 50 needle tips7091226
Flyer, Instructions for Use, Material Safety Data Sheets

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