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Glass Ionomer Cements for Luting

HarvardIonoResin Cem Extra (LC)

Esthetic light and self cure resin-reinforced glass ionomer cement for luting of crowns and bridges, inlays, onlays and as a liner under composite fillings (with additional light curing)

The Harvard Ionoresin Cem Extra offers a very low film thickness while maintaining high compressive strength. Precise cementing of metal-, ceramic- and composite-based restorations is possible at any time.

Easy excess removal and custom made curing by additionally light curing.
The smart and comfortable solution.

  • Good esthetics
  • Low film thickness
  • Practically insoluble
  • Improved mechanical properties
  • Very low shrinkage
  • Set on demand by three types of curing:
    self + light cure + classical cement reaction
  • Radiopaque
  • HandMix or OptiCaps®

Available as powder / liquid and OptiCaps®. Available shades A2,
A3 and A3.5.

Ordering Information
Harvard IonoResin Cem Extra (LC)7061116
15 g powder – Universal / 10 ml liquid
dosage spoon, mixing pad
50 OptiCaps® à 0.4 g – Universal
Harvard Applier OptiCaps®7092000

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