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PT – Pulpotomy


Harvard BioCal®PT is a bioactive resin-modified material with MTA fillers that is used for the substitution of the complete or partially removed coronal pulp. Harvard BioCal ® -PT preserves tooth vitality and protects the remaining pulp area. Calcium release and an alkaline pH value enable the formation of tertiary dentin with additional light cure.

  • Pulpotomies: Harvard BioCal®-PT can be used partially or for the complet substitution of the coronal pulp
  • Calcium release and a high pH value (pH 11) promote the formation of hydroxyapatite as well as tertiary dentin
  • Calcium release
  • Alkaline, pH 11
  • Moisture tolerant
  • Radiopaque
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Harvard BioCal®-PT 
2.5 ml minimix syringe, 10 mixing tips7081556
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