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Root Canal MTA Universal

HarvardMTA Universal OptiCaps®

Endodontic repair cement in capsules based on MTA

  • Highly biocompatible material
  • Excellent bond to dentin
  • Radiopaque
  • Firm and homogenous consistency directly from the capsule
  • Forms tertiary dentin
  • Setting not affected by humidity
  • Suitable for pulp capping, sealing root perforations, root end fillings
    (orthograde or retrograde)
  • Mixing time: 30 sec.
  • Working time: 2:00 min. (from start of mixing at 23 °C (73 °F))
  • Next clinical step: 5:00 min.

Set also in humid conditions

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Ordering Information
Harvard MTA Universal OptiCaps® 
2 OptiCaps® ea. 0.3 g,
ea. packed in an aluminum poucht
Harvard Applier OptiCaps®
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