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Harvard BioCal®-Line is a bioactive, light cure, resin-reinforced MTA protective liner. The good strength and the protective effect of the MTA components (high alkalinity and mineralization) ensure pulp protection with sufficient stability for subsequent filling at the same time.
  • Perfect as a thin-layer, protective liner in deeper cavities
  • Also suitable for indirect and direct pulp capping
  • Environment hostile to bacteria (pH 11)
  • Mechanically stable
  • Short curing times due to light curing
  • Mineralizing
  • Compatible with all composite restorative materials
  • Radiopaque

Class I cavity
cured after 40 seconds light curing

Ordering Information
Harvard BioCal®-Line7081554
1 g syringe, 12 needle tips 
Harvard NeedleTips H20 7091226
refill bag with 50 needle tips 
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