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Transparent Matrix Material


Transparent matrix and bite registration material based on A-silicone

  • Highly transparent to allow perfect light cure of composite through the matrix
  • Appropiate final hardness and good detail reproduction
  • Original shape remains unaltered
  • Dimensionally stable over time and after disinfection
  • Perfect consistency and thixotropy
  • Fast setting time (1:20 min in mouth)
  • Comfortable for the patient with neutral taste and flavor
  • Time-saving – direct application in the mouth
  • Also usable as transparent bite registration material

Result with
Harvard TransMatrix

Ordering Information
Harvard TransMatrix7083798
2 x 50 ml automix cartridge,
shade Transparent,
12 mixing tips
Harvard Auto 1:1 O-Green 
refill bag with 50 mixing tips7096000
Harvard Dispenser Automix 1:17095100
Flyer, Instructions for Use, Material Safety Data Sheets
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