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HarvardIonoSphere Bulk Flow

Harvard IonoSphere Bulk Flow is a flowable composite with bioceramic fillers for a fast bulk dentine filling without the need for complex layering techniques.

The layer thickness of up to 4 mm enables efficient bulk filling. The flowable material is self-leveling at the surface and thus easy and quick to apply, with excellent adaptation on the cavity walls.

The final layer can be carried out with the desired shade of a moldable composite. Harvard IonoSphere Bulk Flow exhibits a very low shrinkage and very low shrinkage stress, is ion-active and acid-inhibiting.

  • Bulk dentine filling up to 4 mm layer thickness
  • Good flow properties
  • Very low shrinkage
  • Very low shrinkage stress
  • Acid-inhibiting
  • Ion-active
  • Fluoride releasing
  • Radiopaque

Class 2 cavity base in cavity up to 4 mm in one layer

Ordering Information
Harvard IonoSphere Bulk Flow Shade Universal
2 x 1 g syringe, incl. 8 needle tips H187100011
20 x 0.25 g OptiNeedleTips 7100012
Harvard NeedleTips H18 Refill bag with 50 needle tips7095158
Harvard Applier OptiTips®7095200
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