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Retraction Material


Retraction paste for temporary gingiva displacement

Harvard LiquiCord® is a retraction paste with hemostatic effect for temporary gingival displacement. Depending on the clinical situation and the respective mode of operation, it can be used directly or with conventional retraction cord. If necessary with the aid of compression caps. Harvard LiquiCord® is well compatible with vinylpolysiloxane impression materials.

A supplement or an alternative to thread.

  • For patients: less painfull
  • For dentists: time saving, easy to use
  • For a dry and expanded sulcus
  • Neutral taste
Ordering Information
Harvard LiquiCord® 
10 x 0.7 g, 20 Needle Tips7083870
Harvard Sulcus Former – small7083872
refill bag with 100 sulcus formers 
Harvard Sulcus Former – medium7083873
refill bag with 100 sulcus formers 
Harvard Sulcus Former – large7083874
refill bag with 50 sulcus formers 
Harvard NeedleTips H18 white7083875
refill bag with 50 needle tips 
Flyer, Instructions for Use, Material Safety Data Sheets

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