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Root Canal Sealer

HarvardMTA-RootSeal plus EndoDirect

Harvard MTA – RootSeal plus EndoDirect is a bioactive MTA root canal sealer

  • Excellent seal
  • Apatite formation through reaction of released calcium and hydroxide with endogenous phosphate
  • Mineralizing
  • Bacteria-hostile environment (pH 12)
  • Self cure
  • Easily removable with Mastercone/Guttapercha
  • Radiopaque
  • OptiCaps® capsule for consistent consistency and convenient mixing
  • Direct application into the root canal with EndoDirect syringe

„Click before you mix!“

Ordering Information
Harvard MTA-RootSeal7081511
2 OptiCaps® ea. 0.25 g, ea. packed in an aluminum pouch,
2 MTA EndoDirect syringes with flexible endo-tip
Flyer, Instructions for Use, Material Safety Data Sheets
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