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PT – Pulpotomy


Fast cure, reinforced radiopaque MTA cement in capsules

  • Particularly suitable for pulpotomy
  • Calcium release and a high pH value (pH 12) promote the formation of
  • hydroxyapatite as well as tertiary dentin
  • Flowable consistency
  • Particularly radiopaque
  • Fast setting
  • Mixing time: 30 sec.
  • Processing time: 2:00 min. (from start of mixing at 23 °C (73 °F))
  • Next treatment step: 3:00 min.
  • Set also in humid conditions


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Ordering Information
Harvard MTA-PT 
2 OptiCaps® ea. 0.25 g, ea. packed in an aluminum pouch7081512
Harvard Applier OptiCaps®7092000
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