Much more than you expect.
Composite for Fillings


Nano-Optimized Hybrid Composite
for posterior and anterior restorations

  • Available in 4 g syringe and 0.3 g OptiTips®
  • Excellent esthetics
  • Superior handling properties
  • Non-sticky consistency and highly sculptable
  • Low polymerization shrinkage
  • Tooth-like fluorescence
  • Excellent high gloss polishability
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Optimal physical properties
  • Nano-filler technology


  • Dual Opacity layering technique
  • Selected shades in two opacities


  • Universal Opacity
  • Selected shades in one opacity

Very nice esthetic results.
Before: Defective large composite filling on tooth 46
After: New excellent high gloss filling.
Dr. Pawel Paszkiewicz, Estetique Clinic, Polanica Stroj, Poland

Ordering Information
Dual Opacity layering technique
Harvard PremiumFill+ „Dual Opacity”
4 g Syringe20 x 0.3 g OptiTips®
A1 E70823107082410
A2 E70823117082411
A2 D70823207082420
A3 E70823127082412
A3.5 E70823137082413
A3.5 D70823217082421
Harvard Applier OptiTips® 7095200
Further shades are possible. Please contact us.
Universal Opacity easy technique
Harvard PremiumFill+ „Universal Opacity”
Shade4 g Syringe20 x 0.3 g OptiTips®
A1 U70823007082400
A2 U70823017082401
A3 U70823027082402
A3.5 U70823037082403
B1 U7082304 
B2 U7082305 
Harvard Applier OptiTips® 7095200
Harvard PremiumFill+ „Universal Opacity” IntroKit S
3 syringes ea. 4 g, A2 U, A3 U, A3.5 U

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