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Mixing advice for Harvard Cement normal and quick setting

Please observe the instructions for use. Download the mixing advice here.

1. Dispense onto a clean, dry glass plate powder and liquid at approx. 23 °C (73 °F).

Tip: use a cold glass plate, especially in warmcountries.

2. Divide into 4 portions as follows: 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/8.

3. Mixing: start first 1/8 with the whole liquid quartely within 15 seconds.

4. Add second 1/8 and mix for 15 seconds while spreading.

5. Draw 1/4 into the mixture.

6. Mix while pressing with flat spatula in the next 30 seconds.

7. Mix with the remaining half portion for 30 seconds to obtain an homogen mass.

8. Use the entire surface of glass plate.

9. Ready-for-use cement mix within 90 seconds.

Activating and mixing Harvard OptiCaps® „Click before you mix!“

Please observe the instructions for use. Download the mixing advice here.

Remove capsule (OptiCaps®) from the pouch

1. OptiCaps® before activation.

2. For activation of the OptiCaps® press the plunger on a hard and plane surface to the end into the OptiCaps®.

3. Insert the OptiCaps® into the Harvard Applier OptiCaps® and click once to standarize. Note: The plunger must be at the same level as the bottom of the capsule.

4. Insert the OptiCaps® into a mixer, close lid and mix immediately for the period mentioned in the instructions for use (with about 4300 oscillations / min).

5. Insert the OptiCaps into the Harvard Applier OptiCaps®. Remove the pin from the nozzle. If not, capsule can burst. Pull the lever twice (2 clicks) to prime the OptiCaps®.

6. Extrude the mixed material on a glass plate or apply directly. Unlock the gun (push button A) and remove the OptiCaps®.
Only with the Harvard Applier OptiCaps® (Order-No. 7092000) the optimal amount of mixed material is guaranteed.